For families


We offer an unforgettable X-perience for families.

Our "family UTV" (Utility Terrain Vehicle) offers space for 4 people. You can travel safely and comfortably because of the side doors and seat belts on all seats.

We offer most of our tours with the family UTV.

You get guided of a quad.



Prices are not per person. They are for the whole family up to 4 persons:-)

From the forest to the beach

SEK 2`400.-

Åsberget -tour

SEK 2`750.-

Finding the source

SEK 2`500.-

1 hour trip

SEK 1`800.-

"Finding the moose"

Help! Our moose have run away and now we need help to catch them. We know which path they took but we don`t know exactly where in the forest they are hiding.

Are you ready to find them?

Welcome to a fantastic x-perience for the whole family. Take place in the off-road vehicle where 4 people can sit comfortably and safely. We drive a wonderful trip through "Hälsingland's" beautiful landscape. At some places we stop that the children can search the hidden moose.

And who knows, you maybe will see a real moose too :-)

After half way we will stop at a special place and eat Swedish hot dogs. There you can see how several sources come up from the sandy bottom.
An impressive experience.

Event infos:

Duration (approx)                        2.5-3h

Whole event (approx)                  3.5-4h

Catering                                          yes

Suitable for beginners                     yes

Price                                    SEK 2`900.-

Characteristics of the track:

Distance 52km

Tarmac                                          0% 

Gravel      ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤            95%  

Others      ¤                                5%

Vehicle information:

Seat belts on all seats

Maximum speed 45 km/h

Driving license AM or B